Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Garden for 2012

My plans for this year is to have a garden that far surpasses the one my parents had last year. The ground work for the garden is currently going in, though progress is slow. In addition to the half barrels from last year, I have helped my dad make a number of 2x2, open-bottomed, planter boxes. There is also one rectangular cement block bed. These beds are where I'll be trying the square-foot garden technique.
Our boxes are made from untreated scrap wood that we got local.

 Since much of the planning for the garden has fallen to me, I can finally realize just how much work can go into just planning a garden. Worrying about how much light the plants get or don't get, soil deficiencies and how to amend them, frost dates, planting dates, types and cost of seeds! It seems like there was so that we never thought of or planned for last year, which may be why it never did too well.

After the boxes were put down they got a layer of leaves put in that were slightly dampened to keep them from blowing away.

One awesome thing, though, is that my dad and I have rigged up a make-shift compost bin that I have been taking care of. It isn't all that big, but any compost will go a long way in helping our garden!

Here are three boxes awaiting dirt, and one lonely bucket.

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